Discover & Discuss:

Capitalizing on

Hidden Innovation

Discover & Discuss:

Capitalizing on Hidden Innovation

Getting mixed messages about innovation?

 Many of the people I’ve spoken with over the past months are frustrated and confused.

They can see the rationale for innovating right now and they’ve heard it’s a priority in their organization BUT, with so much business uncertainty, solidifying the Core Business seems much more important.

After all, it’s hard to innovate when you’re struggling to operate.


Your company is innovating right now!

Don’t believe me?

  • Did your company move to remote work?  Your company is experimenting with its business model!
  • Are executives sharing what they do and don’t know and a plan to figure things out?  Your leaders are role modeling emergent strategy and Discovery-Driven planning!
  • Are you investing more time talking to your customers, partners, and colleagues?  You’re having EPIC Conversations and collecting valuable insights


What’s your plan to keep up momentum?

Because most people don’t know they’re innovating, they’re likely to fall back into old habits when the crisis passes.  But you can prevent that from happening if you have a plan.

On Thursday, June 25 at Noon Eastern, I’ll share with you the Hidden Innovations happening now, what you can do to highlight the underlying mindsets and behaviors, and how to maintain and accelerate momentum.

This will not be a boring webinar!

This is a DISCOVER & DISCUSS session which means that you will:

  • Discover 5 Hidden Innovations that organizations are using to survive and thrive in the “new normal”
  • Discuss in small groups the 5 practical actions to maintain momentum
  • Walk away with new insights, new connections, and a clear action plan

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