Innovating within a big organization can feel impossible. 

You can do the impossible.

It’s not easy being an innovator in a big organization.

You contend with constantly shifting priorities, small teams, insanely small budgets, incentives which reward safe short-term decision-making, and processes that eliminate risk instead of accelerate learning. And yet you know that innovation is essential.

You are brave, brilliant, and relentlessly optimistic enough to believe that you can make it happen. And you’re right.

I know because I’ve done it and I’ve helped Innovators just like you make it happen in their organizations.

Making it happen

Work I’ve done with Innovators like you

Kick-started a long-term strategy that generates near-term revenue

Identified biggest global innovation opportunities through dozens of interviews with medical professionals from around the world and designed solutions that could generate revenue within 12 months

Empowering an industry's rising stars to drive innovation

Designed and continuing to deliver an Intrapreneurship Academy that teaches emerging leaders the innovation process and supports them as they apply it to projects that create tangible impact in their companies

Designed new retail formats to defend against disruption

Envisioned how traditional grocery stores could be disrupted and designed new formats that used current strengths to build new stores and revenue

Fellow Innovators

Innovative people and organizations with whom I’ve worked

What I do

How I work with my clients to make innovation happen

Innovation Roadmap

Define what success looks like and map the milestones between here and there

Innovation Readiness Assessment

Diagnose your organization’s innovation culture and capabilities and create a plan to achieve your goals

Innovation Igniter

Design three new businesses in 3 months

Innovation Launchpad

Test, learn, and de-risk your new businesses

Innovation Leadership Coaching

Build the mindset, skills, and behaviors required to lead innovation in a big organization

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