Case Stories

Case Stories

Driving Innovation and Intrapreneurship in the Cable Industry

Through close collaboration, we designed and built an industry’s “Gold Standard” innovation training program and trained an army of Intrapreneurs

Creating the Foundation for Radical Innovation at Sport Co

Compiling an enterprise-wide view of Sport Co’s innovation portfolio was just the start.  In a few short years, investment in Radical Innovation had doubled, a Business Model Incubator was founded, and new revenue-generating business were being piloted

Driving New Revenue and Patient & Employee Loyalty at Diabetes Co

Using deep ethographic research, we learned what it was like to live with Diabetes and used those insights to develop a roadmap to $500M in revenue in 5 years and to design and launch marketing campaigns to increase patient and employee loyalty to Diabetes Co

Creating and Launching New Retail Formats at Grocery Co

By talking (and eating) with foodies across the country, we designed three new store formats, piloted two, and launched one.  And redefined what food retail meant to Grocery Co

Designing a Strategy for Revenue Diversification at Coronary Co

We created a strategy to generate $150M in net new revenue in 5 years and secured approval and resources to pilot two new services businesses

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